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30 August 2013 @ 02:11 pm
We're sorry to announce that Birdcage II will be a little late. ^^; We've got our hands full with school starting again, so we would like some more time to get settled in. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

28 May 2013 @ 11:06 pm
I am terribly sorry to announce that we will not be releasing a doujinshi this month. As our wonderful followers, you all deserve an explanation as to why this disappointment has occurred.

For our two gender-bending doujinshi, Garl's Talk and Bathing Beauty, we asked begger4mcgregor to assist us with the cleaning and typesetting. If you do not remember, "Begger" once worked with us on the non-Grelliam sections of Glasses Record. We were very pleased to have her return, but unfortunately, she seems to have disappeared completely from the online world. Allana has tried to contact her multiple times, but to no avail. Before Begger's vanishing, Allana recalls having heard that her mother was not feeling well. If this is truly the case, we hope that her mother recovers quickly from whatever is ailing her.

So again, we deeply apologize for an empty-handed month. And here, we would like to call out for assistance. If there is a cleaner/typesetter among you who is willing to work on Garl's Talk and Bathing Beauty with us, please leave a comment in this thread. Also, please include a sample of your skills (if possible, a cleaned manga or doujinshi page). The translation for these two DJs have already been completed by Nimbus, so we are only in need of a temporary cleaner/typesetter.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding. We will continue on with the schedule and will work hard in continuing to release more Grelliam goodness.

14 May 2013 @ 01:01 pm
I decided to make an official thread for questions, concerns, or membership issues of any kind.

Post here if we accidentally deleted you from the membership list, if you are confused as to why you haven't been accepted as a member yet, and so on. Please refrain from asking questions that are not related to any technical issues, such as "When is the next doujinshi gonna be released?"

Thank you! ^^

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18 March 2013 @ 11:46 pm
We are sad to announce that the scanlation for Garl's Talk will be postponed until further notice. We have not been able to contact the member who is responsible for cleaning this doujinshi.

However, you will not be left without a story for long. While we were trying to contact this member, we went ahead and started work on the next project, Hot Summer by Kurimonaka. This doujinshi will be released within the next few days, so please stay tuned! ^^

Again, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for all the support and patience.

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02 March 2013 @ 12:29 am
We would like to announce and apologize for the delayed release of Garl's Talk, which was scheduled to be scanlated near the end of February. m(-_-)m

For this doujinshi, we asked other members of our staff to take over the translating and cleaning. However, there was a miscommunication and they were never made aware of the deadline. As of right now, work is progressing as quickly as possible.

Again, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for all the support.

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29 January 2013 @ 11:13 am
First off, we want to thank all of our loyal members for supporting our work and leaving comments to encourage us. <3 You know who you are, so give yourself a pat on the head. This post will not concern any of you.

Now, I would like to get a few things straight for the people who are just here to leech. The membership clean-up has been an ongoing success - making it easier for us to sift out the bad seeds. As I stated in a previous post, all new members MUST post at least one comment in any of the threads within a month of joining the community. If you fail to do this, you will be erased from the membership list.

But lately, I have been receiving membership re-requests from people that failed to complete the requirements above. Let me make this very simple and clear. If we ban you from this community, you are banned permanently. You may NOT request membership again after you have been banned. We keep a careful list of such people, so don't think we'll eventually forget who you are.

Anyways, with that being said, please pay attention to the rules and follow them accordingly. Thank you and enjoy recent installment, Melty Love Melting Lips. ^^

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01 December 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Phew! We just finished sifting through the members list. As of now, Danse Macabre currently has 132 loyal members. ^^ Thank you so much for your cooperation and support during the clean-up. We hope it was a successful one!

Of course, I am human and I do make mistakes. If I accidentally deleted you off the member list, please send me a private message and I will fix that problem immediately.

Also, we have a new rule for incoming members. To prevent another clean-up like this in the future, all new members must post a comment within one month of joining if they wish to stay. The comment does not have to be long and it can be made in any one of our threads. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Again, we thank all our loyal members for supporting Danse Macabre! We hope you will continue to follow our upcoming releases. ^^

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29 November 2012 @ 02:02 pm
Just wanted to remind everyone that we will begin the membership clean-up on December 1st. Please make a comment before then, in either Dramatic Scarlet or Temperature, if you wish to stay a member.

We truly appreciate the plethora of comments and support we are receiving now. It truly makes us happy when we see that our work has been appreciated! We hope that you will continue to support Danse Macabre!

Also, Allana has ordered more DJs for us! I will be posting more information in the "Detailed Projects List" later this week. ^^

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14 October 2012 @ 01:08 pm
Let's start off with the good news, shall we? Recently, our wonderful Allana purchased another big load of DJs for us to work on. You can see what's new by clicking on the "UPCOMING WORKS" link in the sidebar to your right. We've got a variety of juicy projects in store, so please look forward to them. ^^

Next up, we have a


announcement to make. Please read the following carefully.

After receiving some suspicious membership requests over the past few months, I have become quite concerned with the safety of our community. I'm afraid we may be unknowingly accepting trolls and potentially harmful users into the group. I'm sure the last thing we all want is a hack or virus.
Also, despite having over 350+ members, I am a little disappointed to see that only a handful ever comment or leave a word of appreciation whenever we release a doujinshi. Please understand that we put a lot of time and effort into these scanlations; even the simplest "thank you" would make our day. We truly, truly appreciate the few members who always show us a measure of gratitude through comments.

And thus, for the reasons I stated above, I would like to announce a MEMBERSHIP CLEAN-UP. Through this process, we will be sifting out all the non-active and non-human users in the community. If you wish to stay a member, the rules are very simple...

If you wish to stay a member, you MUST post a comment in either one or both of our upcoming works: "Dramatic Scarlet" and "Temperature". The deadline will be November 30th. Hopefully this will give all the current members plenty of time to make a comment of some sort. Don't worry, your comment does not have to be long or detailed. Just give us something to prove that you are active and human.

I'm sorry we had to result to this, but the clean-up is mainly for the safety of our community. We hope you understand. If there any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for your time and stay tuned for Dramatic Scarlet, which should be released very soon. ^^

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27 July 2012 @ 12:04 pm
I know how much you guys are yearning for Love Prison, but it pains me to announce that the release will be slightly delayed. I am so, so sorry for this inconvenience. m(-_-)m

This delay is entirely my fault. I've been having A LOT of trouble with my laptop this past month, and it has been very difficult for me to translate and deal with all the problems at the same time.

We truly appreciate your loyalty and patience.

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